Saturday, May 7, 2011

Babeh' Glory

I love babehs!
My friend from high school had her baby shower..
And I was DELIGHTED to make some baby stuff!
She's having a boy and her hubs is a Cowboys fan.
Here's the bundle of goodness I made for the baby gift.

A giraffe baby rattle toy , and matching pacifier clip.

Mustache onsie, of course! i love them.
And a Cowboys onsie to please Pops.

And little bitty red leather moccasin baby shoes.

I am loving these mocs! I followed a basic pattern for baby shoes but then added all my own design to make them moccasin inpsired by Freshly Picked. I did what I could with figuring it out on my own. But I love how they turned out. Plus I get the leather from scraps from my Father in law's upholstery shop.. So it is fantastic! He is so generous to let me go in and get take whatever scraps I want.
I have a stack of cut out leather ready to sewed into shoes.
:) possibilites are endless.


Kim Denison said...

Hubs went nuts over the cowboy onsie, but he LOVED the mustache and the Mocs! He wants a pair of his own Michelle. haha I said maybe for Christmas. :)

bkbishopfamily said...

those moccasins are killer-great job!

Erin Dougal said...

Did you find a tutorial for the moccasins or just free hand them because i luuuuuuvvvvvv them. Times ten. And the red? Perfect!

Michelle said...

haha KIM ... okay. that's on the list: Adult Mocs

Thanks Kendra! :)

Erin: I used a pattern for the basic baby shoe(a pattern that uses fabric so I kinda tweaked it).. then just free handed/made up the mocassin add ons
yeah.. the red is legit! haha i love it!