Thursday, May 12, 2011

My Mothers Day

I had a glorious Mothers Day here at my household. :)
I woke up to Tucker already out of bed and whispers behind the door.
Those whispers and prep talk by Tuck was the best gift of all.
They came in, Beck happily saying "happy mothers day!" and presented me my gifts.
A drawing/card from each of them. And they each handed me a pair of shorts. Then the big whammy, a nike wristband that tracks all that good stuff for running. And with that a new pair of shoes.
We continued our morning celebration over at Tuck's mom's house to wish her a Happy Day. And then came home and played Donkey Kong until it was time for church. Exactly what I needed. Just relaxing.
At church the kids went up and did their mothers day duty and sang a song. It was Beck's first time to be able to do this. We tried to convince him to go up. and he ALMOST did. But with no surprise he did not end up going up. Arli on the other hand (still in nursery) started walking up the isle while saying "Come on Beck! come on!" waiving her hand towards the front.
When he didn't listen she just went. And stood in the very front right behind that little wall so only her head and little hand resting at her chin were visible. She was awesome. I just kept laughing.. She was doing so good my worries about her freaking out dispersed.
Of course right then she got the jeebies and started crying for "mommy!" I nudged Tucker (kinda hard, he wasn't gettin the memo) to go get her. They came down the isle and straight out the doors to get a breather.
Not ideal.. but it all made my day :) At least one of my kids got up there for me!
Then the men had put together a treats in the gym. Fondue, fruit, cinnamon rolls and more.
It was delish.
The rest of the evening me and my brother made dinner. We enjoyed that steak dinner and ended the night.
It was honestly one of my Best Mother's Days. I mean every year is good. But Tuck really got everything down this year! (Though last year he recorded a mothers day song for me.. which i loooove)
Not only am I lucky to have my own amazing mother. But I feel SO lucky to have my own kids that make me a mother. I love them. I love being their mom. I love spending every day with them. I love watching them grow.

Thank you Beck and Arli, for making me a mother, and teaching me how to be a good one.

I ended up taking back those awesome Nikes.
I always feel so guilty when a lot is spent on me. Maybe its a mom thing?
The shoes weren't ideal for running but were sure freakin cute! But my asics are still in great shape and will do just fine. And I got a little pouch to put on my shoe to hold the sensor for my wristband. In turn I got a couple new running shorts and other gear. It just vamps up my love for the sport!
Wish me luck this weekend ;)
more to come if I'm not embarrassed by how it all turns out.


Jenn said...

Sounds like an entirely perfect day. You are a great mom -- and you have such a beautiful family Michelle.

kim said...

Glad you had a good day!!Good luck this weekend!!

Paige said...

Awww thats so cute :) Sounds like you had a good day!! Your kids are so cute I can't stand it.