Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Love me some Boys

that last face is pretty intense hahah. It looks JUST like one of Tuck's faces he makes.

I've been kinda whiny lately. It's true and I'm not even gonna give my excuses why. Because in all reality its called Life.
But my husband hasn't gotten impatient, insensitive, or worse-called me whiny at all.
it's quite amazing in my book. I feel lucky.
And then I see my boys together and I feel even luckier.
I have two handsome boys that love me to the moon and back... times a million. (Beck's fav. number right now)
Beck still loves to hold my hand, do "noses", and cuddle. But he is also so protective of his sister and total Boy, playing basketball, ninja turtles, and whatever else that sweet little imagination comes up with.
And really he is kinda a mini Tucker.. And I like it :)

(i've been babysitting a lot lately, come later this week I will have some stuff up I've been working on for baby showers, the shop, etc! just you wait :)


Jess said...

Such fun/cute pictures! Isn't fun to say you love your boys?! I love that the boy came first. Every girl needs an older brother. Don't worry your allowed to be whiny and complain... we learn it from our kids that's what we get for staying home all day! love ya

Paige said...

I like the little red head girl in the back :) Haha, very cute pictures! Brett is so excited to start playing sports with Braxton, they were out kicking a ball the other day and it was so cute :)