Sunday, May 1, 2011

Let's go ride a bike

We're a biker family...
In case you haven't heard.
I just love being outdoors with the kids and the husband. I can just feel all the memories that are being made in the little ones' minds. It makes me so happy we are doing things together, active, outdoors, and something worth while.
Tucker sold his scooter and bought a road bike to commute to and from work. Is this sounding familiar? Yeah, he was on the news for their story about gas prices and such. Haha.. i know.. how the heck did he get on the news? Twitter. Yup. He doesn't have facebook or any other internet social things except twitter. Anywho.. he got semi-famous and he gladly let it go to his head. He was even riding home that day and a lady rolled down her window and yelled some grand encouragement at him, like "Way to go!" or something of the sort. He is loving this new hobby.. and he's wanted to do it for so long. So I'm a very happy supportive wife here. Except the one thing I could've done without was the way the news said I was trading in MY car for a bike, even though I'd have to pull the kids. Ummmmm no way Jose. Yes its true, I'm gonna get a new bike.. But certainly not a road bike for my only transportation. HA I laughed. Silly KTVB.
We have been riding around a bit.. Tucker more than us. Because right after this ride that is pictured.. I pulled a goathead out of my tire and it popped. Boo.
This is Beck and the "classic Beck" face he made when we told him to wait to get in the trailer.
PouTY! Bike gloves and all.

And both the kids ready to go. The ride out wasn't bad. They were great! The only problem was when Arli fell asleep and was leaning on Beck, he was so anoyed.
But the way home was a different story. They fought almost the whole way. 4 1/2 miles. Not fun. But they'll get used to it. No choice.

Awh, I just have such great memories of being pulled in a trailer by my dad, all the way to Table Rock. Yes, true story. Pretty crazy impressive. Me and my sister in the back. I don't remember wearing a helmet like I make my kids wear. But I do remember being so hot and sitting there, squished next to my sister, bouncing around and bumpin heads.
It's the simple things in life that make it grand :)


Harrison Dougal said...

Good for Tucker! Harrison only commutes on his bike, but it is much easier (although more dangerous) to do here in Provo. Boise definitely needs to catch on! Yay!!!! I love this post :)

Paige said...

Haha I love this! My kids start fighting when they are in ours too sometimes, and I always look back and tell them, "These are the good times you are going to want to go back to, so zip it!!" :) cause I am such a nice mom!! And I love that your kids are wearing helmets, I strap mine in and call it good... haha