Tuesday, June 14, 2011

My lovley couple

Say hello to my married friends.

Beck and Arli Botkin (how convenient that have the same last name already).
And Beck really delivered.. look at that honkin diamond ring on Arli's hand.
I was impressed.
They came into my room holding hands, Beck guiding her with his hand on her back, and announced that they were married. It was pretty cute. This isn't the first time they've pretended this.. but it IS the first time with a ring. holy cow ring! All it really includes is some walking around with hand holding, looking all sweet, and hugging. Pretty cute innocent stuff.
What I'm glad is Beck seems to be really observant and I'm glad he's taken from us that marraige is about love and friendship. (and not all the things it shouldn't be)
But really I don't have to read into it so much... haha. It's just plain cute!
And of course.. not even a minute later they are wrestling on my bed.
And I've found they are quite the wrestling team. Beck drags her down and Arli loves it. I need some footage soon. Which will probably be right at bedtime because for some reason thats when the wrestling bug hits everyday. Something about beds....who knows.

I do love my cute little couple o' kiddos.

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Dane and Kelsey Pence said...

CUTE!! i cant believe how fast they are growing up!!! i miss you and your cute kiddos lets hang out soon!!!