Sunday, June 12, 2011

Wild Things

Aren't these costumes the best?
My brother Ryan introduced his friend to the D.I. last week. And then they came over to surprise the kids with some amazing prints of drawn animals (bought at an art show) which they framed and Beck took right to his room and set it by his bed.
And then tey followed those up with these awesome costumes. Fit so perfect, total sign it was meant to be. Beck is a sweet raccoon.. of course. and Arli a wee baby giraffe haha.
I love it.
They stayed in them for quite a while (Beck had sweat to prove it). Then they took the roaming outside in the yard. Trying to climb trees and roaring at me.
The pictures just remind me of the boy in the movie Where the Wild Things Are.
I loved watching them sneak around and just totally imersed in their imagination. :)
Kids are so magical.


Paige said...

so cute :)

Silvia said...

love my friendlywild animals in my backyard!