Sunday, June 12, 2011

A Rain Experience

it has been a glorious month. But, am I the only one that thinks it's going so fast? Seriously.
So I find myself playing catch up right now. All these things waiting to be blogged.
We have been busy with what the weather has to offer, good and bad.
We went to Ann Morrison park a couple weeks ago with my sister, and my brother and his friend. Had us some delicious curry made by them. And then continued to play and swing.
I made Brin lay under my feet while I was swinging. She was royally freaking out with scurriness and it was most enjoyable for me. It was hilarious.
We made our way out to the car just as it started raining. But then it REALLY started raining. My brother and his friend had already made inside his truck, didn't even bother with us. And then it started POURING. and then Hailing! Really and truly. It was ridiculously random! I was fumbling around in my bag for my keys, Brin was screaming for me to hurry, I was laughing and half screaming. Then the kids joined in screaming and scared. haha. It was a sight (at least i'd think so if I had seen that haa)
I got the keys out and Brin and I sacraficed our backs to buckle the kids in. And we got in to go.
I looked around the car and we were soaked and we were just laughing. It was hilarious. I had to document the moment.
And of course, just as suddenly as it had started, it compeltely stopped and was only sprinkling. REALLY weather? really?!

Of course Arli didn't want her picture taken (drraamaa).
And then they were out like light before we even got back on the connector.

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