Sunday, August 28, 2011

Artsy Arli #2

Beautiful Arli... Really?!?!? why!?!?

We were JUST getting into the car to leave for church.. and I look at her to buckle her up...
Apparently Arli wanted to be a chalkboard girl... usin up my chalkboard paint...
Not cool.
You cant even see all the damage done. the folds in the dress are hiding her art along with the other side of her arm.
Such a shame too... that dress is too cute. Even Tucker said "its so sad, it was a really cute dress." yes.. it was.

When I pulled her out of the car, I told her to get inside. She immediately said "I didn't mean to Mommmmyyyy. It was an accident."
and continued to proclaim it was an accident the whole way to her room.
Of course in that stinkin cute voice!!
What's a mom to do?!
Well other than take a picture....

And the title of this post... should really read "Artsy Arli #316.... yes.. theres been many more occurences of Artsy Arli..
You don't believe me?
Who wants to babysit.....

Bonus story:
We made it to church so late after Arli's wardrobe malfunction.. then I forgot my R.S. invites.
And of course when we got there and sat in the hall, Arli was on my lap and pretty much threw herself on the floor...hard... and balled. And it looked bad... on my part.
And I was framed I tell you! I totally looked like the worst mom ever.
The end.


Paige said...

Does that chalkboard paint really work? I have always wondered :)

Michelle said...

it does! i painted a couple frames. like the glass part. but i do reccomend the spray chalkboard paint... not the actualy paint. :)

Vanesa said...

Hm, nice photo)