Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Crazy Nights No More

Typical Nose pic, and Arli's go to silly face. hands and all.

The Butt grab and This one is new for Arli.. but I like it.

It's already Wednesday.
that means it's been a whole week since I've blogged. Which is strange.
I'm not quite sure how this happened. But I better end it now.

I feel off lately.
Yesterday was the worst of the off days.
I've had lots of custom orders come into my etsy shop... which is fantastic. and I'm super excited about. But in comes the time management. Yesterday afternoon I had to crochet in a messy room.
Ahhh it was horrible. I cannot even begin to explain how I hate a messy room. I can never do anything in a messy room. Which is partly why it's hard to get so much creating done.. since I'm always cleaning.
It's a vicous cycle.
But yeseterday, I didn't have a choice. I had an order to get finished.. and aww it was painful to sit in the mess.
I decided I need to manage my time better. Or better yet.. just have a routine down.. clean during this time... crochet during this time... of course Children time is worked in there 24/7 :)  and bla bla bla.
To top off my "off" day yesterday.. Tuck started his CNA classes. Only 2 nights a week. And really.. I don't have to worry about making a real dinner those days.. But I miss the guy! Not only do I miss him.. but I needa find something to occupy our evening hours during those evenings.
Cause last night our evening went as follows:
Sat outside a bit longer after Tuck left.
Went inside to make cookies.
Kids helped.
Arli ate shortning.
I ate cookie dough.
a lot.
Like ....a wrongful amount.
And then I ate the actual cookies when they were done.
And then we went to my room for a movie party.
Had a dinner picnic on my bed.
Skyped with Grandma.
Beck learned how to take a picture with my camera. Yes. I was that loopy.
Bed time.
Equals Beck scared time.
Watched New Girl... hilarious.
Ran out of needed color of yarn.
Beck comes out of his room. Requests Sofie the dog.
Wasted my time on the internet reading about some matters that don't pertain to me.
Annnnd Tucker came home and brought me my ice cream.. turned milkshake. yum.

While the camera party was fun. (picture above and below) and it was kinda organized chaos.
But yes. I'd say I definitely need a better game plan tomorrow night..
Because if I continue down this dark road.. I will be... well let's just say I'll look like those mexicans that wear too tight of pants and have their gut hanging over because their legs dont grow but their bellies sure do.
It's the truth.
So I. cannot. go. there.

Routine. yes please.
Better activity options. yes please
Better bed time routine. yes please.
Better food choices.. uhhh Si, por favor.

But really... I stinking love these two. :)
Look at that sweet handsome face. Ahhh i just wanna smooch it!

Oh and can't forget her.... :)


Ashley said...

Brad is working nights and sometimes I feel the same way....I eat like I am not waking up in the morning. Hope Tucker's class goes well!

Paige said...

Brett is home about 2 nights a week!! Haha I feel your pain! But its for a better good right??? Your kids look super cute in their footy jams! :) Gotta love this time of year when you get to pull those out. YAY! I am sure you will figure out the perfect schedule because you are awesome. The end.

Erin Dougal said...

Haha. You will never look like an ice cream cone (my own terminology for the skinny legs big belly people). You are so funny.

Kelli @ The Turquoise Piano said...

I hate off days. But your kids sure are adorable! I love them!

Janelle said...

Your kids are so cute and your life sounds like so much fun! I am always impressed by the crafts you post. Especially the little moccasins, they are adorable! I have to go check out your etsy shop!