Friday, October 21, 2011

Photoshoot gone semi-wrong

Kids and I went on a little photoshoot last night with a friend. 
The spot was really pretty, I loved it!
But the kids were not so much cooperating.. like. at. all. 
Here are the only good ones I got... out of what? 250? yeah.

And here is the jumbled mess of pictures I got... but man... I can't say I LOVE em. they could be better.. lighting .. kids .. or something. BUT they are part of the "good" ones:

 And here is a series of pictures I shall cherish forever.
 So nice and sweet.. posin for me.. 

 Then Beck gets tired of her. In comes the evil eye.

 And a push in the face..

Turns into an eye jab. Really Beck? 

 Wonderful evening. :)


Paige said...

We are getting family pics on Monday! Hope I get a little cooperation from my little two year old twinners!! Your pics are still super cute though, BEAUTIFUL kiddos!

Silvia said...

Love the pictures cant wait until I come home so we can go togueter...I'm missing out