Wednesday, October 12, 2011

When Daddy Comes Home

Daddy's girl. 

This Arli girl has a thing for her daddy. Which is how it should be :)
I was trying to take pictures of headwraps modeled on Arli for my etsy. 
And she was just not cooperating. Surprise. 
But once Daddy came home she had a whole new light to her. 
All I had to do was snap away while she was still while Tucker talked to her. 
And some always loved play time.

The emotion on her face says it all. 

and just in color.
magic moment :)


Kylie Falk said...

Those are the cutest pictures ever!

Nakina said...

This is so cute. Orissa is the same way with Josh, already. As soon as he gets home she is all over him. It is so cute.

Little Red Bird said...

Where are Arli's boots from? Do they make them in adult sizes? Such cute pictures Meech :)