Sunday, October 9, 2011


I hate E.T. 
Who's with me!?! 
Well.. what's a childhood without E.T. though.. (other than a fantastic one?) 
Tucker introduced Beck to E.T. probably a year ago. I walked into the family room and there they were all snuggled up on the couch.. and E.T. was on my tv screen. Why! 
Beck didn't seem too bothered by it.. more so interested, intrigued, and curious.
All up until the part where E.T. is all bing tested on with the astronaut lookin guys all around them. Yeah that part kinda stirred him... and rightly so!
Fast forward all these months later.. 
for a few months now Beck has complained about nightmares. He is scared to go to bed. He says he hates his room. Some nights we do the routine good enough that he forgets to be afraid..other nights.. not so much. And when the nightmares first started, I let him fall asleep in my room and then transferred him. I mean.. I seriously felt for the little guy...
In comes the horrible truth: I too suffered from E.T. nightmares.
The kind of nightmares where he chases me down the stairs of my old house. 
The kind where its dark and we are outside that creepy house and I'm hiding from E.T. 
Horrible! Just horrible terrible nightmares. 
Oh and I was age 16+.. don't judge.
So I would ask Beck about his dreams. Tell him to elaborate about how he felt. (Google told me to) And it seemed to help. We explained E.T. was nice and is his friend. (yeah I'm still not buyin' it)
So slowly the nightmares have become less common. 

Okay.. insert my point here. 
Beck LOVES getting mail. So sometimes we write mail addressed to him.. previously from "Mario" and other friends. He loves it. So last week he was asking if he got mail that day... Tuck was with him and said "I dunno! .... One sec guys.. I gotta do somethin'!" 
And lo and behold... Beck received mail that day... from none other than E.T.

I had no idea Tuck sent him THAT^^^^^^I found it that night after we put the kids in bed.
I about freaked. I mean I was freeeaaaked out myself! 
I thought why the HECK would he send him that from something Beck is so afraid of!? 
Right? I mean... really?
Well, I hate to say it, but it must have worked. 

Beck woke up this morning and after he gathered his thoughts, he got so excited and exclaimed..
"MOMMY! I had a dream of E.T.!!!"
me: "Reallyyy?! Woww"
Beck: "Yeah! I did! Me and E.T. played hide and go seek!"
Me: (about to cry of freaked out'dness).....
Beck: "It was so awesome!"
ehhhhh. creepy.

 And just for memory's sake. Here is Beck and the legendary E.T.
Beck was just a wee 17 months old.
Me and my siblings do this weird odd thing. 
We used to hide this E.T. in random places in the other's bedroom.. like under a pillow or blanket.. or closet. And then the other person would find and just freeak out. 
Yeah.. that started at ages 18+


Kelli @ The Turquoise Piano said...

I'm seriously laughing out loud right now. So funny!

Paige said...

Haha I was laughing during that whole thing. Then Brett was asking me what was so funny so I had to read it out loud to him, and he thought it was funny too. :) Good post!!

Silvia said...

when I got the litle, guy I thougth he was the cutest martian ever I never knew how I traumatized my kids and grandkids.. the lesson I got to late but is never to watch et with my kids or grandkids until they are 40

Dane and Kelsey Pence said...

hahaha oh that is so funny! i totally know what you mean but that is so cute!! love this!

Kim Denison said...

I can't watch E.T. Too this day. Awful. He is toooo creepy!