Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Birthday Time

Happy birthday to my main squeeze Tucker!
You are my chocolate syrup to my ice cream. 
Thank you for choosing to share your life with us :) 
Is that too much? Well...  its true. 
We love you! Way beyond words. 

I've been working frantically on his present for the past week and a half. 
The goal was to make him cry... he said he almost did. hahah he was really excited though. 
Arli spilled the beans about the "bsu blanket" yesterday

Arli to tucker: we made you a blanket daddy! 
                                                             Beck: but we wont tell you what kind! 
                                                                     Arli:'s a BSU blanket
                                                                       Tuck stares at me....

 .. i know.... we were so close! 
But he said he was expecting more of a fleece blanket. No way.. I go big or go home. I made him a BSU T-shirt quilt. 
He opened it up and looked at each square with a huge smile :) So glad! 
And yes.. he still has BSU attire left. Haha.. I actually made him go through his drawer last spring so he had gotten rid of the ones he never wore or was too small for him.. or gross for me to look at. Little did he know, I had saved them for this project. I myself sacraficed a couple of my own shirts too. That's love. 
The guy loves Boise State.... Beck picked him out a BSU license plate frame thing. He took some time picking it out, it was so cute. And Arli picked out a Bronco head antenna/key chain right off the bat. 

Happy Birthday Babycakes!
We love you so much Tucker love! Thanks for being the funny one, nice one, laid back one, rational one, did i mention hilarious one, and hunk-a-licious one.

Love, Michelle, Beck, & Arli


Ashley said...

Love, love, love the quilt! I know many husbands counting mine who would be quite jealous! You are quite the inspiration to me!

kim said...

This quilt is amazing...just like you! Great job!!I'm sure he had a great day yesterday!!