Wednesday, November 2, 2011


What's my favorite Relief society acitivity everrr? Craft night.. duh. 

We got to make some aweosme things! I chose to make these:
Christmas Countdown Blocks
A must have with my kiddos! They're going to love it. 
The blocks are like dice and have a different number and paper on each side.

I think my favorite is this bird nest necklace. 
We had a great lady in my ward learn how to make them and then teach the craft.
It was awesome! And these are so easy to make.. And so cute. 
And yes.. I have 3 eggs in my nest.. even though I only have 2 kids. 
Right now.. the third one is my dog Sofie. But it WILL represent a baby... someday :)
unless... I have twins.. crap.
Best thing about this.. It only cost me $3.00 to make.. instead of... uhh Yeah $20-$30 to buy. (We bought one for my mom and my mother in law last mothers day)

Loved these great crafts! And I love craft night! 

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