Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Tree Lighting at the Capitol

Last night we went to the Boise Capitol for the Tree lighting.  
It's been on my calendar for some weeks now.. I just knew Beck would love it. 
And he did. We all did!
Neither Tuck or I have ever been before either.. so it was a new experience for our lil fam.

Beck on Daddy's shoulder makin our way to the capitol.

The treeeee all lit up pretty!!
We stood right underneath it and looked up into it. 
It was pretty magical :) I really took the extra effort to relish the moment and save it in my memory bank.

 Tuck and Beck takin it all in :)
The boy loves Christmas... so of COURSE he loves Christmas Lights.

We went inside after the lighting to get some free childrens books, listen to music, and roam the capitol building. Beck loved it! That kid has a appreciation for this stuff.. reminds me of his Pops. 

Me and Arli ... proof that yes.. I exist and I was there.

Legit Cookies! Arli didn't know what to do.. she kept trying to peal it off.
And Beck asked "Is it okay to eat this??" 

 We had fun goin into different rooms. 
Beck signed the guestbook for the House of Representatives. 
As you can see his "C" is backwards.. that is common lately.
He took his sweet time! It was hilariuos and so cute. 
He loved being in those big rooms with all the seats and judges seats. ..(or whatever:)
I was really taken aback how much Beck liked being there and asked so many questions. 
President Botkin in the future?? Tucker wishes. 

I have to say it was a successful outing to kick off the Holiday season! 
And it will for sure happen next year and the next! I can see this being a fav. tradition. 
Ya know... since we don't have any of our own as our little family. 
So this is a good start! 


Michael said...

It is so good to start traditions with your family. This will be a great one. I didn't grow up with a lot of traditions and I think it is great that you are starting this one with your wonderful little family.

Hansen's said...

So cute! I've never been to that. I'll have to put it on my list of to-dos. Looked fun!