Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Thanksgiving went by too fast. But we had a great day!
Though we seriously missed my mother.. we made due without her.  Though I am still cravin some of her mashed potatoes that we never got. But I have to be thankful that she is coming home in 2 1/2 weeks!

It was a busy day for us... Tucker started out playing football in the morning of course. I picked up the kids from Kim's house (night before was a fantastic game night with the sibling-inlaws. So fun!!)
(Arli and her cousin's Eden and Bo sleepover has begun!)

I cleaned the house.. cause I cannot start off any holiday with a messy living space. And while I cleaned.. everyone listend to music and lounged.

We headed off to my Grandma's for thanksgiving.. 
And somehow Sofie made it into the car.

Arli mesmerzied by Great Grandma Hope's tree. 
FIlled with Pink goodness! 

then to Tuck's Grandmas for the aftermath of their thankdsgiving. 
We made it just in time for pies and Arli snagged a lil turkey.

We went home to meet my sister who was all by her lonesome and we played legit Just Dance 3. Brin and Tuck are the main competitors... like seriously it pains me to say this.. Becuasseee i love that game.. and it is MINE from My birthday. Nice.
Brin and I headed off to Target for the midnight craze. And it wasn't all that worth it. Memories. Yes. Actual bought items??? Proably not.
But it's the memories that count ... I love my sister so much.. 
And she loves me too.. becuase she went with me..
had no money...
grabbed stuff for me..
and stayed in line for me... 
and tolerated my indecisive personality.

Here we are... prior to our outing
our faces saying Wooooooo!

This is the Iraqi I was stuck by in line..

Friday we went to my Valle family's Homemade Pizza night.. Which is just my style after Thanksgiving food. (it isn't my fav) Really.. I have a blast anytime I'm with my mom's side. I feel so lucky to be born into such a cultural and lively group. My cousins are all the bomb.com

 My aunt Danae is amazing with my kids and made them each their own shirley temple.
With speical cups and straws and the whole deal!
Lucky ducks.

This is just me... with my cousin's amazing glasses..
holding the cutest baby Dahlia.

 The rest of the weekend was spent on and off with friends! After all that non-stop family time.. a girl needs her friends.. so it was grand!
Kels and I went to visit Jessica and baby Daxton. The visit turned into the boys comin home from the game and having a huge date night. Ha. 
Delicious burgers.. great friends.. QUICK game of Monopoly and we were golden.

Arli's first time holding Baby Daxton Doss. 

I have a lot to be thankful for. Me and my little family are very blessed. 
So many blessings in my life which I try to acknowledge not just on Thanksgiving.. but much more often. 
When things get tight... it seems I always see every single blessing a little clearer. :) 

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Michael said...

Michelle these are great memories and photos. I love reading your blog. Thanks so much for sharing. I am so thankful for you, Tuck and those beautiful little munchkins...