Thursday, December 1, 2011

Gettin er done

My sister is moving back into the Hope househould after this semeseter ends.. aka.. 2 weeks.
While she was away I made good use of that extra room... It being my craft room, Tuck's music room, and our work out room.
But all good things come to an end. I started cleaning it up the other day to get it ready for Brin.
Okay.. when I say started cleaning up... I mean.. I started organizing.. buuuut saw my re-fashion pile and couldn't resist bustin a few of those up. I mean... while its all out.. I just had to.

First I started slimming down some of Beck's jeans into straight/skinny jeans. Yeah.. I'm that mom.
Lucky for you, I won't bore you with before and after pictures.

I sewed up a size 10 skirt (that would have made any 10 year old skimpy) and slimmed it down for Arli.
I was about to sew it to a shirt to make a dress ensamble. Luckily I looked at it again and decided it would be so cute with a white tank top in the summer.. So a high waisted skirt it stays.

I have 2 dresses like these. Flannel ugly collared dresses. I mean. it wasn't ugly.. just not my style. But I loved the flannel print and the main body of the dress. So it only needed a few tweeks.

 Off came the choking collar and on came some poof flowers. And I added some of the same black material on the bottom of the dress just to look nicer.

I must say.. it was the simplest fix.. But I am so please with how it turned out. Of course I did not take enough time on photographing these in the better lighting, so you can't see the true beauty ;) Not to mention Arli was ready for bed in the last ones.

It was a good little sewing fix I needed to get out of my system before I tear that room apart.


Kim Denison said...

You are the coolest mom! Your littles are always so stinking fashionable.

Kelli @ The Turquoise Piano said...

That dress looks so fantastic (well, so does everything else)! You are super duper talented!

kim said...

Wow! I am so impressed! these little dresses look great! You are amazing !

RaCHELLE HuRD said...

those all turned out SO CUTE! you amaze me...

Silvia said...

Hi chell I love and acmire you so much, you and your sweet husband are working as a team...I acmire everything about you and your sweet family.....thank you for choosing to come into my family...I bet we were best friends before we came to you and brittany...I love you.

Ryan and Dani said... cute is this dress! Nice work! Love it! And might I say, you and Tucker make some gorgeous babies : )