Sunday, November 13, 2011

Too much?

lots. of. pictures.
Some might say this is overboard. 
I think not. 

From Left to right: (if you're still reading this)
1.  Last Sunday Dinner Delicious Soup Kelsey made. 2. Arli with her twinner bebe. 3. Arli bein cute
4. Beck's new transformer Thrift find. 5.Beck "measuring" our legs. 6. Sharing earbuds for our show=love
7. Sofie.. wet and cold.. but smellin fresh. 8.Arli pissed at me. Nuff said. 9. Beck being a "Hammerhead shark" on my kitchen floor. 

1. Wedding time! 2. Girls lookin fly ;) 3. my hot man date.
4. hot man date with llama tie lookin fly. 5. Beck........ face? 6. Game day, before Tuck went off to the game for Stats
7. Me and Beck played catch for 30 min. Legit! 8. Arli building.. again! and so proud. 9. Arli in the blocks box. nice.
Date niiight with the Pences. 
1. Arli getting spoon fed ice cream by Dane (aka her date) 2. Kels and Dane treatin us to dinna! 3. Arli givin Dane a shoulder massage.. see her lil hands?
Best Buy was the next stop. 
4. Boys and video games... nuff said. 5. Arli on her date's shoulders. 6. Kels lookin beautiful and preggo!

Annnnd that was the end of my week/weekend.. 
Life is good. again. 
I mean really... with these little two punks taggin along .. it was twice the fun :) 
Wait.. I know something thats even better... 
Our FRIENDS having babies. :D 
The Doss' just had their little Daxton... and Kelsey and Dane will welcome lil Girlie Pence in March. 
We are so excited for both them... amazing friends.. and amazing times to come!

And not to mention we started my Birthday week off RIGHT tonight! Yummy.. delicious... chocolate snickers ice cream. Whew. so good. I'ts been a while dear ice cream. I've missed you.


kim said...

Okay that look on Beck's face is priceless! So glad you captured that! These are great photos! It's so nice to see what is happenin in your life!

Alli Blue said...

You stalk me, I stalk you. That's how this is gonna work!

I "kinda" grew up with the Pence's. Emily is a year younger than me. Tyler married my friend Angie! Small world! At first I thought that was a picture of Andy, but the wife did not look right! (then I read! duh!)

Maybe we will become friends in the real world, instead of in these virtual forums. ;)