Saturday, August 25, 2012

Celebrating at Farmers Market

Today our little family went to the Boise Farmers Market. Love love that place. I always say.. Man if I had some nice mula.. I would gladly "support" all them local people. Aka I want to buy everything hehe.
It was so nice to get out with the kids and Tuck to "celebrate" before school starts back up again for Tucker. 
Tucker spoiled me with flowers.. even when I tried to walk away and say I didn't need them.. he knows me and bought them anyway knowing I really did love them. 
We stopped and listened to some legit hipsters/hippies/folk guys play their music.. so good. And Beck could have been right up with them.. he was totally hipstefied today haha. 
We bought some yummy tomatoes and peaches. 
Then we couldn't pass up FroYo! We went into Aspen Leaf and got some delicious goodness. Brownie  Batter is my fav of all time. 
We listened to randome passerbys play the piano out front. 
And spotted Mickey Mouse graffitied in the alley so we had to check that out. 
I love the time we get to spend together.. but what I have come to love even more is Tucker's growing patience on these outings.. I can sense the love he has for me when he lets me stop at random booths and isn't even annoyed or eager to move on. Sounding cheesy? But it's so true. Especially since I didn't see anything like that growing up with my parents. 

At the end of our outing I was telling him thank you and such and he then said something like. "Oh I just wanted to take my family out and celebrate this Saturday before college football starts."
Hahah. Ohhh so THAT's why. I was totally expecting him to say before SCHOOL starts or something (which is also true) but deep down it was football all along. And really, good thing he did. Because I needed a reminder that I'm gonna lose my husband on Saturdays the majority of the time to none other than college football. 
In that moment.. I didn't even feel guilty about that pumpkin chocolate chip muffin he bought me. :)

But in all reality.. We really did have something to celebrate. Tucker was on a wait list, #16, for this one last class/lab he needed before he can apply for the Nursing program.
With school starting Monday, I think both of us were losing hope of him getting into it. Which would mean
A.) he wouldn't be able to apply until the spring.. which would set back pretty much our "life plan" a bit more. Which would have been really horrible! I didn't like to think about it because even just a semester setback in my eyes is that much longer till we can buy a house and all that good stuff.
or B.) he'd have to transfer back to CWI.. =gas gas gas! And living in Boise=pointless. So needless to say.. we were both super bummed.
Then last night he had a thought to check his blackboard online. And Lo and Behold !!! The class he needed was right there in his schedule. It was pretty amazing to say the least. In that moment I felt all the blessings our little family has been blessed with. I feel almost undeserving of all the good that has come upon us in just the right time, on numerous occasions this year.
So there you have it! a big whoppin reason to Celebrate!!! I'd say that's worth a little spoilin. ;)


The Meffords said...

Sounds like a very fun family outing! I didn't know Tucker was going into nursing. I am as well. I was also on a wait list for a lab I needed (microbiology) but no luck. I am glad he was able to get into his class. Waiting is so stressful! Your children are so adorable. There should be a club for wives whose husbands are consumed by college football every Saturday!

Hansen's said...

FUN! I so want to make a trip to the Farmers Market...never do, but really want to. I think I want to go with you guys though, Brownie Batter Ice Cream & Chocolate Chip Pumpkin Muffins? Take me next time? Congrats to Tucker! So exciting! And totally awesome when things line up how you hoped!! Yay!

kim said...

So glad to hear Tuck got the lab he needed! You are indeed being "watched out for" You guys deserve some things to go well in your lives! You have amazing little children! Glad you all had fun at the market!!! Love you all!!

Carrie said...

I love reading your blog! Seriously!! So precious and the little things are what you and your kids will remember years from now. I am teaching on Sunday about faith and when I read this I started to get teary because it fit in so well with my lesson. I hope you don't mind my sharing your sweet story. Hugs to you and your family!!