Thursday, August 16, 2012

A Surprise from Rivers

This is Rivers......

Super cute, right?

Say ello to our new Rivers.

Still cute.. But not as fun.

It seems I may have jinxed myself in the fussy baby department. 
Remember how I said he was a totally good baby and just loves to look around when he's awake. mmmyeah. 
Not so much anymore. 
He has acquired some.. dare I say.. colicky tendencies. If not colicky then DEFINITELY very fussy baby.
I mean.. 1 out of 3 isn't bad, so I shouldn't complain. But it just came out of nowhere I tell you.
And it is a totally new thing for us. 
So I am getting very little sleep. And he still wakes up every two hours to eat at night. If I get 3 in a row.. Hallelujah!! I feel like a new woman on those nights. 
I did get some new pacifiers today that I hope he will like better than the gum drop kind we were using. 
Because man oh man, if he would just take a paci.. I know he'd love me for it! 
It's been a bit rough during those fussy times.. but hey.. I still love my lil babe with all my heart. 
Even if he is becoming an old man right before my eyes. 
aka Receding hairline/ balding on top.

You pull it off well my Lil Riv...
And don't worry.. all the ladies still love you.

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