Wednesday, May 29, 2013

A Hike

Boise is Beck's official stopping grounds. 
In that picture above he was saying, "So this is alllllllll Boise?"
He was thrilled.

 We had a lovely little hike up at Camelsback. You could say it was the kids try out for Table Rock. 
It was so refreshing. And I loved watching the kids in tow. 
This summer will be packed with many more. 
We want to be outside much more this summer than last. 
I was hugely pregnant last summer and I didn't get to enjoy what living down here truly had to offer. 
But this year is a different story. 
I feel like being outside brings us so much closer together and more joy than paying to take them to a movie.. or jump place.. or what ever it may be. 
We are teaching them about their surroundings. Where they live. The history of it. And to love it. 
And that feeling is one of the greatest feelings of parenthood I think. To give your kids something real to enjoy. And fuel that love for the outdoors.
I am in love with these pictures of them with downtown in the background. All the trees. 
I hope some of them will be their favorites one day too.

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Megan Hollenback said...

love this michelle, and i agree. cant wait to do stuff together with our kids :)