Thursday, May 30, 2013

Rivers 10 months

My baby boy Riv turned 10 months old on May 20th. 
He is still army crawling. 
He can - Wave hello and goodbye
Give high fives
Gives some goood open mouth kisses
If you're lucky he'll dance on command
Knows where his head is
Pulls himself up to standing

This lil guy is still the sweetest and relaxed baby. 
Although he's been teething for a good while now.. which makes it hard for him to fall asleep at night. 
And he always wants mama. Even with the teething .. it equals out to be an average baby instead of really really good baby. 
Those two bottom baby teeth kill me. So cute.
The boy loves food. 
Although  he has thinned out a lot, I think. 
Since crawling, it's mainly just his face that is chubby now. 
He is an awesome sleeper. He never wakes up in the middle of the night. 
And this has been since we moved him to his crib. 
And of course he loves his naptime. 
He is starting to walk behind his lil push toy and loves it. 
And no I didn't even edit these pictures one bit. His skin is just a nice tan brown. 
And yes.. I put sunscreen on him ;)
His hair is turning a light brown. like Arli's.
he is babbling like crazy and trying to talk to us. 
I don't count the babbling "dadas " and "mamas" quite yet. 
We love our Rivers! 
He is a piece of sunshine in our family.


kim said...

Oooooh could he be any cuter??? Great photos mom!!!

Megan Hollenback said...

i love him!