Monday, June 3, 2013

Table Rock. Check!

The kids and I hiked Table Rock with my "sister" Abby last Thursday. 
I really didn't think Beck and Arli were going to be able to go up all the way. 
But with a bit of motivation they made it all the way!
I could tell Beck was really proud of himself.
And Arli.. just a little girl! I am a proud mama. 
We couldn't have done it without Abby. 
She didn't know it but she kept my patience up for the kids and more. 
Not to mention it was great girl talk too. 
I adore Abby! I am so glad my brother found someone so sweet and lively!
It was a great workout with Riv on my back also. 
But Oh my gosh. But my back STILL hurts from it! So next time Tuck will have to carry him. 
And I don't know if Beck and Arli will want to hike it again this year haha. 
But they did it once and know they can do it now. 
I haven't hiked Table Rock for yearssss! And it was on my to do list this summer. Check! 
Many more to come, sans kids.


Silvia Hope said...

oh my !!! what an ordeal !! you did it ! every Boisean should do this at least once during their lifetime ...yo and Abbie did so good!!! more pictures.. you can never have enough , thank you for sharing!!!

Megan Hollenback said...

so fun

Andrea said...

You are super mom! I was sooo sad that I didn't get to see you at the Ironman! Your kids are growing so much, you guys are an amazing family!