Tuesday, July 2, 2013

11 month old Rivers

Time is going too fast! My Rivers is 11 months old! He will be 1 in just a few weeks here in July. 
I really don't know how this can be. I swear I just had him.. 
Rivers is learning lots of more things.
Along with all his other tricks I mentioned last month.. he now also:
Blows kisses! 
waves goodbye with his little hand opening and closing (instead of waving his whole arm)
Cruises walking behind his walker toy.
Standing up on his own for a few seconds here and there.
Climbs stairs (no!!)
He is crawling on his hands and knees all the time now.
Is trying to talk to us so much. It's hilaroius. 
Though these pictures don't show it.. he is our smiliest happy baby. 
His hair is turning that golden brown like Arli's, from the sun.
His arms and legs are as dark as mine! 
He is a stinkin flirt and charmer. 
He is so different than Beck and Arli were as babies. 
He just loves life and is so smiley. And is happy to just chill.
He still only has 2 teeth, but judging by his fussiness that is about to change. 
He inhales grahm crackers. Love them! 
But he also loves all food.. if you keep putting food in front of him, he'll keep eating.
He loves dogs! It is hilarious to watch him with Moby. But even seeing dogs on the street or store he gets so happy and squeels and points.
He understands so much of what we are saying to him. He reacts accordingly.. poor guy just can't talk yet haha. He still hasn't said his "first word" but my guess it will be either "Dog" "Dad" or "Ball"
People still say all the time he looks exactly like Daddy. 
But those lips people... come on.. I'm claimin those babys.


brightbit said...

This is one baby dreamboat!

Silvia Hope said...

ohh old Rivers ! how I miss you so ...you are a charmer indeed ..can I come and hold you tomorrow and the next day and the next one ..before you turn a year old!