Monday, July 8, 2013

America's Birthday

A picture of Tucker taking a picture of Rivers and the fireworks.
And below.. Tucker's result of that picture.
So sweet how that worked out

4th of July. We have a lot of love for our country. Of course Tucker is just a full on patriotic person. He loves America's history and everything it entails. I always think about my mom and her family coming from Peru, leaving their luxury life behind to come live in the land of the Free. They had to start all over. And I'm so thankful they did. Thankful and beyond proud.

We had a day well spent! Went to breakfast with the ward. Then Abby took us to her "water spot". We were so confused where she was taking us.. and it was a bit of a hike to get to the spot but it was well worth it! We beat the crowds at all the other water places with this spot. And there was a rope swing! It may have been into really shallow water though. Tucker and Abby both did it. I only swung on the rope (just warmin up ;). And Brin didn't even get to swing because some people took it and changed the length, completely ruining it. Bummer.
We got some good some and enjoyed a good time together.
Later that evening we had dinner at my parents and then visited Tuck's Dad. And booked it out of there just in time to see the fireworks from the Meridian Speedway. On the way there we saw so many fireworks going off around Meridian and Boise. We usually go to Ann Morrison so I was bummed about that. But the Speedway's finale was amaaazing. I was totally surprised.  But next year we want to go to Table Rock and just see them all. That would be so cool, though I'm sure the kids would enjoy Ann Morrison better.

I have so much to be thankful for in this beautiful country we live in. I'm most grateful for our freedoms and the brave ones who protect it and us. And of course that we can spend so much time with our family. I have an amazing bunch.

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Megan Hollenback said...

looks like you guys had fun! take me to that rope swing!